First blog post

So I am getting this adventure underway. It is hard to communicate a decades worth of experience into an organized website. I will do my best. There will hopefully be regular updates about building out the shop and stuff that I am working on. Stay tuned and I will do my best to keep you… Continue reading First blog post

Winter work

Winter months are usually a slower time of the year for the bike world. This does afford us with some opportunities to get stuff done. Re-arrange or build in the shop, do larger projects, or get caught up on training. I took some time this winter to do some training, and it was great! I… Continue reading Winter work

Drowned Bike

It has been an interesting week in Texas. Lots of friends and family are in the process of recovering, re-building, and normalizing their lives. For a lot of us this includes getting back in the saddle to get away for a minute and re-charge those batteries. A lot of bikes were underwater and we want them in good working order. I had a phone call about some carbon fiber wheels that were submerged in Houston and that got my gears turning. What if anything do we need to keep our eyes open for after a flood and are these composites safe to ride?