Winter work

Winter months are usually a slower time of the year for the bike world. This does afford us with some opportunities to get stuff done. Re-arrange or build in the shop, do larger projects, or get caught up on training.

I took some time this winter to do some training, and it was great! I had the pleasure of meeting the Fox Shocks road guys who were fantastic to learn from. One of them was their dedicated road/event tech, the other two worked at their respective warehouses (California and Carolina). They blew my doors off with their depth of knowledge of the progression of their shocks/forks in addition to simple upgrades and tuning recommendations.

I don’t think I can say enough good things about these guys. After 5 hours of fork, shock and tuning training I was bonafide; I mean certified. Or certifiable? I guess it depends on who you talk to.

I also had the opportunity to go to the Bosch mid-drive e-bike clinic taught by Jude (who also happens to live in town and is the Magura rep). This clinic was unfortunately scheduled on the day that Austin had snow and ice causing the city to pretty much shut down. I put on my big kid pants (and long underwear) and rode the old bike downtown getting sleeted on for about 10 blocks. Seven people were also there and a handful also rode in.

It was nice to meet the 4 guys that were there from Sportshop (they seemed like a tight knit group) and the one man from Mellow Johnny’s. I am sorry to say there is another man there but for the life of me I cannot recall his name or shop, regardless, he was very well versed in e-bikes.

Normal clinic stuff with lots of note taking. We did get to pull and re-install the wiring harness and motor from the bike. Always fun. And the clinic ended. One more certification and wrinkle in my brain. I would call this winter a success for training.

1 thought on “Winter work”

  1. Glad to.see you back on the blog. Straightforward, concise writing as usual. Maybe some quotes and pics if you in action would be good. I’ve been blogging daily since 1/1, you should check some posts out. Maybe we can guest blog, interview each other, etc. Cheers mate!

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