This year is just moving right along. We have had a lot of wheels being built around here. A few were brand new sets, others were being re-built to bring the life back from the worn out spokes. Just because they are old, does not mean they are no good. Despite the heat people have been bringing the old ones out too. Lots of shifters have needed to be cleaned and re-furbished! Remember, we do free inspections on all work.

I’ve been riding for over 20 years and have worked in and around bike shops for 6+ years. For me there are three types of people who work on bikes

1. Bike builders – me

2. Part replacers/semi-mechanics

3. Do-anything Bike Mechanics.

It takes a considerable amount of dedication, experience, and passion for someone to make it to the 3rd level of full do-all Bike mechanic.  Over the years, I have only met a small handful of people who are fully well rounded, experienced, and DO-all anything bike mechanics.

Mike at Night Owl happens to be at the top of that list for me. He knows and works on all years of vintage all the way to high-end cutting edge road and mtb bikes. He understands all parts of the frame, forks, shocks, and drivetrains not just from a usage viewpoint but also the machining and engineering process. This guy eats and breathes bikes. Besides all the wealth of his knowledge he is a good dude, very fair, and honest. You couldn’t ask for anything more..! Give him a call–

Todd Stranahan

Anyone who owns a bike needs a good Bike Mechanic that you can trust! Mike Dolan is a mechanic that will give your bike the care, maintenance, and get you back on the road for an honest price. I met Mike 10 years ago when he found the creaking noise in my custom steel Colnago bike, after taking my bike to several other shops around town that could not identify what was causing that irritating noise. Mike made the time to walk me thru all of his problem shooting tactics and off I road with a smooth riding bike. I was amazed and excited to know that I found someone I could trust and someone who made the time to explain the details to me. Today I take every bike repair to Mike and I also have some friends of mine when I see a bike issue, I call Mike! Thank you Mike for your honesty, how you care for my bikes, and getting me back on the road riding safe. Big Mahalo!

Keikilani Liu